Something is going on in France. A New French Revolution?

The Standoff Over France’s New Labor Laws Is Escalating

A powerful French union is threatening a strike at a nuclear plant in protest.

Police broke up a fuel depot blockade in France on Wednesday and France’s hardline CGT union prepared for a strike at a nuclear plant, escalating a standoff over proposed new labor laws.

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France Goes Dark? Staff In 19 French Nuclear Power Plants To Go On Strike Tomorrow

Following strikes over the unpopular French labor reform, that started over the weekend and crippled the French refining industry leading to gasoline shortages and rationing, things are about to get far more serious for the country whose economy has already been threatened with a sharp slowdown as a result of a relentless wave of labor unrest. According to Reuters, staff in France’s 19 nuclear plants – which by definition we assume is essential – have voted to go on strike on Thursday as part of protests over a labour reform, according to a CGT union official.



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