Radiation In Carlsbad New Mexico Increases 6 Fold. WIPP LEAK.

A DOE air monitor stationed on Carlsbad’s eastern border, near the Bureau of Land Management office on Greene Street, has shown an uptick of radiation from 1.6 disintegrations per minute (DPM) on Feb. 18, to 7.1 DPM as recently as March 4. […] The initial radiation leak registered at 36 DPM at the WIPP site […] Solar and Quake links http://www.bpearthwatch.com


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  • James Woroble Jr

    Any idea how many hundreds of billions of dollars the government will save in entitlements and obligations as the regional population ingests these radioactive particles and die early from its effects.

    • Mesquite_Thorn

      Roughly 40,000 people who believe Obama is a communist traitor, believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights more than religious doctrine, and are all very well armed and know how to use them. This place is as patriotic Main Street America as it gets… we are the people developing the oil and gas reserves bigger than anything the world has seen. We sit on top of a reserve big enough to make the US energy independent for 50 YEARS. That’s who’s being exterminated by this… national saviors who are crucifying themselves for 2 reasons: The pay is beyond good, and we believe we are the key to making this country independent again… If you think North Dakota is a boom, look at Midland, Texas.Irradiating the Permian Basin HURTS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.

  • Mesquite_Thorn

    I live in Carlsbad. Grew up here. If I am diagnosed with lung cancer from particles those negligent idiots at WIPP released… I have a lot of buckshot, and I will be going hunting with a purpose.

    • Mesquite_Thorn

      BTW…. Farouk, you lazy piece of shit, you need to be prosecuted personally for this. YOU LET THIS HAPPEN, BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO FUKIN LAZY TO BUY SOME SPARE COMMON HEPA FILTERS. We know where you live, you son of a bitch… you can hang yourself from the courthouse cannons, or we will do it for you… bastard.

  • deb371

    Nuclear power and nuclear weapons are not compatible with life…what species kills their youth their future for energy, security and power? NONE! Complete Insanity.
    Now they are threatening Dr. Caldicott with death. First they silenced Japan, no updates through msm, now the good Doctor is being harassed.
    Yep, these nuke plants are all in dire need of attention but the Queen and her minions are literally running away with the monies that would be used to at a fricking minimum keep it repaired. Radiation is everywhere, it is not suppose to be. Look at a photo of Madame Curie’s hands before she died from radiation exposure. Telling.
    AIDS, you never see ads, you never hear of out breaks, you hear nothing about it. Why? Because now they have radiation to kill us off unless you have the antidote.
    Why would anyone destroy this planet, destroy all that lives here and then not be concerned at all to remedy the FUKUSHIMA plant? Year 3 and counting.
    Watch the movies, ON THE BEACH AND THREADS. Both are on youtube then watch THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. Watch on megashare…the ending, Marty the super stoner was very interesting. In fact, the ending makes more sense to me today than anything else that I have been told.
    Live, well.