Rand Paul: American’s wont pick crops for $8/hour when they can sit at home and get welfare

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who has emerged as the key advocate for secure borders, keeping to the rules and an organized handling of the millions of illegal aliens now inside the United States says there is a clear goal that Americans should have for the newcomers: Make them taxpayers.

“What I’m saying is let’s get them work visas, normalize them, tax them, make them taxpayers,” the senator said in an exclusive interview with WND reporter Taylor Rose.

“You can’t have open borders and be a welfare state,” he warned. The solution is a secure border – and a process where someone on a work visa doesn’t get welfare, or someone with a green card doesn’t get welfare.

Paul said there are glitches, too, in America’s social services. There shouldn’t be 60,000 new people on the roles of the disabled every month, he said. In other words, America’s safety net sometimes is just too generous.

The reasons some Americans won’t work for the $8 per hour for an agricultural field worker, for example, is that they would rather do nothing and collect higher government benefits, he said.

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