Published on Feb 8, 2014

If you are not sure whether Ron and Rand Paul are sincere and true strict constitutional believers who only want to restore America and return to the Liberty and freedom of our country, then watch this video and decide. One thing is for sure. No other politicians, but them, are saying that they want to audit the Fed, and many other things they are saying. If they, too, are bought and paid for by the Elite, they have entirely fooled everyone. I do not believe they are liars as the others. I Believe they are true Christians and sincere politicians. I believe watching this video is enough to prove that.


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  • Occams

    Really don’t know what to make of this guy. One minute, he’s doing something good – and the next, ‘just following orders’, going along, like every other schmuck in Washington.

    His trip to Israel to pay feasance to the owner’s of America, is one.

    Another is the FACT his father has never spoken out for him, and can find NO reference that he ever has supported his son.

    Rand Paul makes me nervous.

  • Jimmy Cogsdil

    Just a politician, making sure he gets paid, in office or out of office. Don’t cha know.

  • Lucas Freelong

    Rand Paul is not his father. That’s all worth taking in.

  • Chris Sky

    Rand Paul is no Ron Paul… He has the name and the look… but he’s noting but an AIPAC errand boy…unfortunately.