Raw Milk: Freedom from Government Milk Tyranny

With a few caveats in place, raw milk is currently illegal to purchase in 17 states, whereas it is legal to purchase in retail stores in 11 states. Meanwhile, in states like Texas (and 18 other states), raw milk can only legally be purchased directly from the farm. In Wisconsin, the state persecuted Amish farmer Vernon Hershberger and took him to trial; in Texas, the authorities-that-be went after Miller Farms for daring meet (more than) willing customers at pre-paid drop points like local Farmer’s Markets, dumping more than 700 gallons of pure milk (at $7 per gallon) and revoking their license.

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton decided to take a road trip to a local farm in Central Texas to purchase some of the delicious and empowering raw milk (from grass fed cows). Not only was it a pleasant diversion to the countryside, but a worthwhile chance to put the journey for milk freedom into the context of food politics and the larger awakening.


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  • Simon S.

    Have these raw milk proponents never looked at a cow’s rear end and observed how a cow’s excreted faecal matter falls “naturally” under gravity to coat the cow around the udder area. I’ll have my milk well pasteurised and properly refrigerated, without the e-coli bacteria, thank you very much. Mother Nature can be a bitch.

    • Carroll Price

      What you describe is true, but cow’s milk does not come from the outside of a cows udder but from the inside. Plus, proper cleaning and bathing of a cow’s udder, prior to milking, is standard practice among most natural milk producers. Also keep in mind that Individuals who are seldom, if ever exposed to everyday germs and bacteria are seldom healthy individuals and are invariably the first to fall victim to every viral and infectious diseases that comes along.