REAL Mech with Human Pilot……13-foot-tall Korean mech suit aims to assist with Fukushima cleanup

A Korean Company creates a Real Mech operated by a pilot

There here!

and they want to use it to clean up FUKUSHIMA

Bulgarov says the robot’s short-term use cases include industrial indoor applications where tethers won’t cause a problem. Another short-term application will see the torso and arms mounted on a wheeled platform with a built-in power source, and this one’s slated for clean-up and restoration work at the Fukushima disaster site in Japan.

Photo Gallery

Previous versions armed with eco friendly rockets and dual cannons that shoot 6000 BB’s per minute…



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  • mannymoe

    A good application for this technology…clean up the Nuclear reactors and waste dumps around the world. A burgeoning industry.

  • zzzak666

    The robots that they have already sent in were destroyed by the radiation, how is this one different ?

    • come-and-take-it

      This one gets hazardous duty pay.

    • Jeffrey Spinner

      This one gets to kill the human pilot as well. It’s like a human sacrifice for the luciferian overlords that thought until Trump, they had dominion over the world like satan.

  • Jeffrey Spinner

    Dude, Predictive Programming, is a propaganda technique that does in fiction what the culture creators/rogue government/deep state wants the public to accept irl later.

    Since military tech is on average 30 years (3 decades) [Hello, is this thing on?] ahead of the domestic tech allowed to be released, the first Mech PC games were done by the Game Creation companies like EA, etc., to fulfill their obligations to their government benefactors that supplied them with their game engines (like HAVOK, etc..).

    Sci fi DOESN’T predict future technology, Real Tech drives the gnomes in Hollywood and the “creative” fields to produce propaganda to direct the public to accept it. Science fiction comes (sic) after.

    The human imagination is limited by our brains, REALITY is not and is far more vast, strange and unimaginable than the public is dared allowed to know or acknowledge.

  • robertsgt40

    Yup. Just send it in with broom and dustpan.