Rebels Capture “Chloride Factory” Which House Scud D Missiles Armed W/ Chemical Warheads… Assad’s Red Line!!!

The danger that Syrian ruler Bashar Assad will now resort to chemical warfare shot up Saturday afternoon, Dec. 8, after the rebels captured the “chloride factory” at Al Safira east of Aleppo. This is a codename for the Syrian army’s biggest chemical weapons store and base, which also houses Syrian Scud D missiles armed with chemical warheads adjusted to fire at Israel. Assad’s warning to the rebels not to fight with chemical weapons is taken as a means of justifying his own resort to chemical weapons and brought this threat closer than ever before. The West, Israel and Syria’s other neighbors have gone on elevated preparedness.

DEBKAfile file: The fall of Al Safira into rebel hands crosses a red line and places the Assad regime in direct peril. Possession of the chemical-tipped Scuds gives the rebels their strongest weapon for forcing the Syria army to capitulate.

Syria Says Rebels May Use Chemical Weapons From A Mysterious Factory Near Aleppo

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Syria warns “terror groups” may use chemical arms

Syrian Foreign Ministry says Damascus would never use WMDs against civilians, adds rebels gained control of toxic chlorine factory.,7340,L-4317172,00.html

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2012/12/8: via @youtube possible evidence of chemical weapon use your thoughts?? experts saying mustard gas


– Dixie Normous


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