RED ALERT: E.U. Gives Banks Access To Saver Accounts

“The EU Commission wants future citizens open bank accounts anywhere indefinitely. This measure is especially the large international banks: they have more efficient ways to collect in Europe in case of a crash, the compulsory levy of bank customers.

Too big to fail is from an EU perspective, without alternative and therefore conveying a decent business model. There is now also a fundamental right to the compulsory levy. For the banks.”…/eu-gibt-banken-neue-moeglichkeiten-zum-zugriff-auf-die-bank-konten/


The Spanish government has evidence that the savers have begun to bring their money in safety.

The Spanish government has evidence that the savers have begun to bring their money to safety. Have to demand to Telepolis several banks confirmed that money was increasingly withdrawn, and transferred abroad. It repeats what Spain experienced in the spring of 2012. When the bank bailout and rescue application loomed, there was a massive flight of capital . The situation became so serious that the subject also had to be treated at government summits .

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The conservative government in Madrid know that many Spaniards accounts abroad have opened. Overall, in 2012 already 180 billion euros flowed out of the country. This was an increase of 144 percent compared to 2011. Also easy saver had opened mainly to France, Andorra and Gibraltar, there to open accounts and stash money for emergencies such as in Cyprus. The situation in recent months had relaxed again in 2012, the Cyprus decision recovered confidence’ve stomped into the ground, experts are convinced.…aufgerufen-sparguthaben-vor-einer-moglichen-zwangsabgabe-in-sicherheit-zu-bringen


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