RED ALERT:Will Obama Launch Economic False Flag To Blame Libertarians, Patriots & Conservatives

Government shutdown nears as lawmakers trade blame…
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who has assumed a lead role among conservatives in pursuing the “defund or delay” strategy, repeatedly argued Sunday that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) now stands in the way of a resolution.


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  • zebra 5

    He could, but no one would believe it.

  • sandollar_man

    Desperate ones launch false flags. Obama’s not the one who seems desperate. No, it’s the Republicans representing the insurance companies and the oligarchs who seem desperate. Obama may be concerned with his legacy but not with another reelection. His concerns are minimal compared to the stooges and tools in the Congress. The health insurance company stooges are scared to death that Obamacare will work. Remember, health insurance companies don’t actually provide ANY health care. They just take money in with one hand and give “some” of it back with the other hand. Like Bankers. Just like Bankers.

    • Shadow21

      Obamacare is nothing more than a back door bailout FOR the insurance companies. It was written BY the insurance companies. Obamacare FORCES you to buy insurance! If it doesn’t go through, the president and congress critters that support it don’t get their kick backs. The whole deal is that you will now be forced to buy insurance, so that makes the health insurance company stooges the idiots that are FOR obamacare.

      • sandollar_man

        Your argument doesn’t explain why the congress critters in charge, as you describe them, are against Obamacare. It seems your logic is backwards, if it would benefit them to pass it. You really can’t have it both ways, by claiming that Congress has incentives but also has disincentives.

        • Tony Binca

          What makes you think the opposition is actually opposition and not theater? They will act like they’re against it until they’re “forced” to go along with it. Meanwhile both criminal gangs (R and D) walk away with shitloads of loot along with their insurance company masters. If Obama had given a damn he would have passed single payer, Medicare for all, with no insurance middleman.

          • sandollar_man

            You’re correct, single payer would have been a better scenario. But do you remember when Bill Clinton sent his wife to push for single payer? She got shouted down by the insurance company lobbyists. Anyway, Presidents don’t pass bills, they set agenda’s. His cohorts in Congress weren’t ABLE to get single payer passed. They settled for what they could get, in the hopes that it will lead to single payer in the future. And even that small step is causing angst among the status quo crowd.

  • Liberty Bell

    It’s all about control. There is no left or right
    except when they take turns being in the hot seat. If you think for one minute
    that Obama or anyone in Washington
    gives a Shi-ot about your health care get real. This was America once upon
    a time. The United Nations of America