Red Cross warns of revolt in Europe! It has already begun on small scale.

Necessity is spreading in Europe as more countries fall into economic crisis and jobs are decreasing. International Red Cross (ICRC) now warning that popular uprisings like those in North Africa could happen here too.

For the first time in modern history begins ICRC renovate Red Cross societies in southern Europe to assist with conflict and severe distress. The Director General of the ICRC, Yves Daccord says that it is the first time the Red Cross in several European countries have to help their own people instead of focusing on foreign assignments. In Spain the last year collection to its own people and in Greece have spent so many resources that the organization soon go bankrupt even though there is an increased willingness to donate money when it is their own people who need help.

Daccord also believes that the gap between those in need of emergency and the state’s ability to help increase and he is convinced that it will lead to violent rebellion.

Ulrika Årehed Kågström, Secretary General of the Swedish Red Cross knows that there are many people who are abused and shows the extent of the problem:

“Twelve Red Cross in Europe have begun to matutdelningsprogram own people. Spain has national campaigns to raise money for victims of Spaniards. ”

She also says that the Swedish aid organization noticed crisis by all undocumented migrants coming to Sweden.

The fear of insurrection and to get help when no State can set up may be a contributing factor to the party Golden Dawn grown large in Greece, where they both distribute food and protects ethnic Greeks. Even in Spain exposed the party has begun to establish itself, and the trend is likely to spread in crisis wildfire through Europe.


It has already begun on small scale. And it will be worse. People are getting fed up that immigrants have more rights to social security than born Swedes have.

Edit: Note, this vid has nothing to do with this particulay issue. This is immigrants and leftist fighting with right wing. Not so very common in Sweden. But it is getting more common though.