Refugees devastating Europe – Video

Here it’s an initiative to create a collection of videos, where the refugees brought to devastate the countries of Europe, are the main characters.
This come, after seeing so many people, bleeding hearts, liberals, or outright uninformed people know nothing about what it is really happening with those migrants in Europe.

Yeah, for everybody to see what they are doing, how they are behaving, and mostly how much regard and gratitude have for their host countries and for people offering them help!

And why video? Because the visual information have the most impact over people. A picture worth thousands words kind of thing. And we are mostly convinced to believe what we are seeing in a video, it’s much more difficult to Photoshop-ing than a single or a few photos.

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Please just add the video that you consider illustrative for those refugees behavior and cut the bla, bla, to minimum for ease of following the videos. And make one post per video, so everybody can quote or discuss, individually!

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Let’s begin!


They are seeding them everywhere…great video from Italy

(Text -1st part) Black African migrants rob a shop and set it on fire. Afterward they storm the apartment directly above, where women and children are- hitting the children and set the place on fire.

(Woman in pink) “We were screaming, we called the police. We were surrounded by flames. I don´t even know how I saved my children they stole my nephew´s cell phone and started beating the children. I´m pregnant,but more important was that I could save my children from the fire. I screamed to them that we are innocent and like animals -like animals…they screamed at us “you dirty whites-you must all die” They let us know that this isn´t Italy anymore – IT`S AFRICA.”

(Text – 2nd part) And now the worst racist in Italy -please watch carefully what color skin this racist has…

(Woman in pink polo) ” I live here in Italy for 26 years and I´m no racist. I don´t think that we Italian´s would act this way in their country the way they do here- their saying is: NATIVE ITALIANS GET OUT! They are animals. They speak an Italian dialect that I can´t understand.

(Older Gentlemen) He says that he has been waiting for an apartment and his pension – he says as an Italian citizen he has the right for placement in an apartment before migrants do and if that does not suit them, they can go back to their own country. He says, “IF I don´t get an apartment soon- I´m going to do something stupid. I worked 40 years -gave my blood(worked hard). I´m goin to go crazy – I´m going to kill somebody – Look at my face – Kill somebody” He says he is FULL OF RAGE.

Article Continues Below

(Next Scene) Black migrant guy comes by saying, ” ALL ITALIENS are racists!!” A fight breaks out – craziness continues for 5 more minutes…

more stories.

It´s the same everywhere.


Unfortunately only a Swedish article:

The Refujihadi apparently disliked the Finnish standard,
probably was one of these dogs:

I came across the recent – first hand report – by a “reporter”.

Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should ‘rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.’ He praises Islam for promoting modesty, respect for God

People here never like to hear that the jews are behind this crap. well here it is straight from the horse’s mouth.,7340,L-4299673,00.html






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