Regardless Of What Any So Called Expert Say, This Game, And Almost Certain Fraud, Of Having A Paper Price Dictate What An Actual Price Of A Commodity Is Mind-Numbing!!!

Isn’t it obvious that the issuer of a reserve currency has the most interest in keeping gold (commodity) prices low, by allowing legal manipulation of its market price through its exchanges? And…isn’t it obvious how the rest of the world is left holding an asset that fluctuates in price…at times devastating an initial investment made into it? What’s wrong with this picture…?

Regardless of what any so called expert say, this game, and almost certain fraud, of having a paper price dictate what an actual price of a commodity is mind-numbing!!! Worst yet, the world allows it!!! If I were, for example, a citizen of ‘x’ country holding gold, I would be outraged on how my personal purchases of gold are ‘played’ by the U.S. and traders all over the world.

Many in foreign countries do not have 401K plans or viable social security programs to rely on for retirement. These same many…rely on what is simply available to them…gold being one of these items to store wealth in. Simply said, not everyone has access, trust, and/or interest in stocks and bonds, or trading markets.

Here’s another problem. The minute a country (or in recent time…its dictator) tries to deviate from the current prescribed system of using dollars as the means of trade, hell breaks open and attempts to stop them come about.
We’ve seen this most recently in the Middle East.

Doesn’t it just makes sense, to best measure how much of a certain commodity there is…and base its price on that? Why allow an artificial price in gold, or any other commodity? Why not let demand and supply run its course and work here? In VERY basic terms, isn’t this how oil prices are set +/- production, +/- global (not economic) conditions? When oil eventually starts to diminish…shouldn’t we then see an upward slope with regards to its price? So why not have gold use this same formula? Of course…it’s not that simple, but everyone holding gold would have a true sense of their wealth, savings, retirement, and perhaps future. Problem is there is much money to made, by those who have access to trading, when commodity prices are allowed to be artificial and manipulated by trades and futures contracts. Problem is…this is legal. In this scenario, gold can be as transparent as air.

Fundamentally, there is something just wrong with how gold is priced…and the world allows it.

At the current national debt of the United States, Gold right now is worth $21,000. Per ounce and Silver is over $500.00 per ounce!
If you take into consideration the 89 trillion dollars that the US is in debt and can never pay off… the Above prices are accurate…The US dollar is not worth the paper it’s printed on’ – Koenig Russia!