Remember The $6 Billion? – Where did the $6 Billion In 2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief Donations Made To The Clinton Foundation Go? – (Less that 2% Paid Out)

Published on Oct 13, 2016

New Pay-to-Play allegations have surfaced about Hillary Clinton’s State Department giving favorable treatment to Friends of Bill Clinton (FOB) after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Donald Trump:
“As people were dying in Haiti, Clinton insiders were separating out requests from Friends of Bill or William Jefferson Clinton VIPs so that their business interests or contracts would receive very special treatment. While those who are not special friends would be put permanently on the sidelines.”

The former president of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq said the Haitian people have not seen any of that money that the Clinton Foundation collected for the Relief Effort.

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Bernard Sansaricq:
“In 2010, we had an earthquake that killed 315,000 people. That’s really a deadly earthquake and millions were left without shelter. President Obama named Bill Clinton as the one that, who should be in charge of the reconstruction of Haiti. And in that process, the Clinton Foundation, through U.S. taxpayers’ money, and people giving money worldwide to the Clinton Foundation for Relief Effort to Haiti contributed about 14.3 Billion dollars, we’re talking about Billion dollars. OK? And the Haitian people have not seen, not even 2% of that money. Nothing was done in Haiti.

“They were given those contracts. They were given millions of dollars from that money and nothing was actually done in Haiti. Haiti, just like every single Clinton have done, is pay-for-play. And they control Haiti and they have been controlling Haiti since 1994 when they invaded Haiti.

I mean what the Clintons have done in Haiti is unbelievable and the American people should know about it.”


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