REPORT: 1 in 4 children on food stamps

New York Gov. and likely 2016 presidential aspirant Andrew Cuomo used his State of the State address Wednesday to call for new gun controls, press Congress for post-Hurricane Sandy aid and propose a historic “women’s equality act” in the Empire State.

That latter proposal was seen by many observers as a nod to an important segment of the 2012 electorate for Democrats as well as Hillary Clinton’s political base.

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Cuomo, who liberals have criticized for running a centrist government and being too close with Republicans in the state, has tacked about as far left as possible on the issue of gun control in recent weeks, musing about “confiscation” as an option in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. killings. He formally announced during his speech that he’ll seek tough restrictions on assault rifles.

“No one hunts with an assault rifle,” Cuomo said during his nearly 80-minute address, which he delivered mostly off-the-cuff using notes and a Powerpoint. “End the madness now.”

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