Revolt against Muslim Brotherhood begins in Tunisia! Top Opposition Leader Assassinated. Government Collapses

Tunisian opposition leader shot dead a day after he said that Islamist party Ennahda had “given green light for political assassinations”

Tunisian opposition leader murdered, sparks nationwide protests

Tunisia’s PM Hamadi Jebali to form a government of “competent nationals without political affiliation”

France’s President, Hollande has expressed his concerns over Tunisia’s current volatility (Tunisia was once France’s colony).

One Tunisian policeman killed in clashes with protesters, according to AFP

The killing of Chokri Belaid, a leading leftist opposition figure in Tunisia, shows that the country has failed to offer security to its citizens amid escalating political tensions.

Belaid known as a fierce critic of the Islamist-led government was gunned down outside his home on Wednesday. His killing sparked protests across Tunisia, police fired rounds of tear gas in the capital to disperse young protesters.


Egyptian Islamists seek to reassure opposition after Tunisia assassination 

Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups condemn killing of Tunisian opposition figure Shokry Belaid, seek to reassure domestic opposition figures that such violence will not come to Egypt

Tunisia Assassination Upends Government

Opposition Leader Shot Amid Standoff Between Islamists, Secularists; Widespread Protests Pressure Prime Minister

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Tunisia’s ruling party rejects prime minister’s proposal to dismiss government in favor of appointing cabinet of technocrats

Tunisia union leaders agree general strike for Friday

Breaking AFP: Tunisian Police fired tear gas and clashed with the crowd at Belaid funeral and central Tunisia

Clashes break out at Tunisian politician’s funeral

Police fire tear gas at youths outside cemetery; tens of thousands chant anti-government slogans

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tens of thousands of Tunisians chanting anti-government slogans converged Friday on a cemetery for the funeral of an assassinated leftist opposition politician, as military helicopters hovered overhead and tensions threatened to boil over into further violence.

The event to mark the death of Chokri Belaid was marred by small clashes between police and groups of stone-throwing young men attempting to steal the cars of mourners outside the cemetery. Clouds of tear of gas floated into Jellaz cemetery itself, sending mourners surging to one side as they waited for the funeral procession to arrive.

Live television images showed at least two cars burning in the streets outside as police faced off against gangs of young men.

Mourners came from all over the country to mourn Belaid, a harsh critic of the Islamist government who was gunned down in front of his house Wednesday, sparking days of rioting by his supporters. The nation was largely shut down due to a general strike called by the labor unions in solidarity, and the national carrier Tunis Air canceled all its flights.

Ruling Islamists, Under Attack, Reject Blame for Tunisia’s Woes





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