Rhode Island Police kill wrong man and injure passenger in execution

Americas Largest most dangerous street gang at work, The Thin Blue Line will ensure not one gang member is held accountable for this.

Man killed, woman wounded when police fire into truck on Route 95 + videos, photos

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Providence, RI — A Rhode Island State Trooper was driving Donald Morgan, 35, to a court appearance on obstruction and possession of a stolen motor vehicle charges Thursday morning when the trooper left the man alone inside the cruiser at a crash on Route 146. Morgan then jumped into the driver’s seat of the cruiser and sped off. Hours later, as police were looking for Morgan, they came across a random couple in a white pickup truck, thinking it was Morgan. Multiple cops opened fire into the truck killing the driver and wounding the passenger-it was not Morgan.



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  1. doodaa says:

    DAM!!!????!!!!!! How many trigger happy cops does it take to “arrest” one suspect? Shoot first, ask questions later. What a piss-poor situation we are in. This could happen to anyone. MAKE THEM PAY MILLIONS!!!!! All because of one dumb ass cop and the others that just wanted a notch on their pistol grip.

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