RNC Rules to Stifle Ron Paul in 2012 Could Come Back to Bite Them

Remember how they screwed Ron Paul out of the nomination? Those rules are still in place.

As a way to stop the insurgency against Romney and ensure his victory, the RNC changed the rule to a majority of delegates in eight states. Now a candidate needed to win at least 50.1 % of delegates from eight states to be on the ballot. And that’s still the way it is, and the way it will be until the 2016 Convention.

First, the RNC can leave the nominating rules in place. This would either put Trump forward as their sole nominee, or, in another twist, would put no-one forward if no-one reached the berth.

Second, the RNC could change the rules in an attempt to get another nominee. This would make a Trump independent run at least more probable.

Either way, the Republicans don’t get the White House in 2016 if these are the RNC’s options.