Rob Kirby – Something We’ve Never Seen Before In Recorded History, The Global Financial Systems & Global Economies All Seem To Be Moving In The Same Direction At The Same Time – Down The Tubes

The establishment, globalist, elite, 1%, 0.01% whatever you wish to call them seem to be on a one-way ride straight into the abyss. The global financial systems and global economies all seem to be moving in the same direction at the same time – down the tubes. Of course if you listen to the mainstream media they will be happy to tell you, over and over, about how awesome everything is and how well you are doing. Just keep your eyes on the stock market and you too will know they are being sincere and have your best interest at heart. Anyone with a brain knows nothing could be further from the truth.

Rob Kirby, Kirby Analytics, who, in my opinion, has one of the best minds around sat down to discuss the state of our world. His work is second to none as he crunches the numbers, interacts with some of the wealthiest people to be found and Rob also interacts with governments. Rob has a full spectrum view of what is happening in our financial and economic world.

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James Turk – We Just Witnessed A Huge Wakeup Call For The World

James Turk continues:  “The shocker was how few jobs were created in May. Though signs of a weakening economy have been evident for months, Wall Street is finally starting to get the message that a recession is imminent, if in fact one hasn’t already begun. Consequently, the Federal Reserve is not going to raise interest rates in June, nor do I think will it raise interest rates anytime this year.

As I have been saying for years, the federal government cannot afford to pay a fair rate of interest because its debt load is so high. Higher interest rates would worsen the federal budget deficits. So the Fed will keep interest rates low to lessen the federal government’s debt burden. Nor will the Fed raise rates as the presidential election approaches, particularly with the economy weakening.


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