Robert Kiyosaki: I Don’t Trust the Financial System, But I Do Trust Gold!… – Financial expert Robert Kiyosaki points out, “The rich are getting richer than ever before, but the middle class is shrinking . . . . Both Obama and Romney promised to save them, and when politicians promise to save your butt, you know your butt is gone.” Kiyosaki, author of the mega best seller, “Rich Dad/Poor Dad,” goes on to say, “If you trust Obama or the Republicans or the Democrats, then you don’t need to buy gold. But I don’t trust them. I don’t trust Bernanke. I don’t trust the financial system, but I do trust gold. So, it’s not in God I trust, it’s in gold I trust.” Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Robert Kiyosaki of

  • usurykills

    I don’t trust Robert Kiyosaki.

  • usurykills

    On the other hand, I trust Greg Hunter, I do.

    Greg seems like such a sucker to me. Gullible? He’s like a cute little puppy.

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