RT – Troops Sent In To Help Evacuate 100,000 People Across Alberta (Pics + Video)

“Almost ten percent of Calgary’s 1.1 million population were ordered to evacuate. The entire Calgary downtown core has been forced to relocate, an area where approximately 350,000 people work. Another twenty-five communities throughout the region are under an evacuation order. ”


Before and After Pictures:


More rain forecast for the area


“HIGHWOOD RIVER, Calgary — As many as 100,000 people could be forced from their homes by heavy flooding in western Canada, Calgary city officials said, while mudslides forced the closure of the Trans-Canada Highway, isolating the mountain resort towns of Banff and Canmore.

Torrential rains and widespread flooding throughout southern Alberta on Thursday washed out roads and bridges, left at least one person missing and caused cars, couches and refrigerators to float away. Communities were hit hard just south of Calgary, a city of more than a million people that hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Many downtown neighborhoods were ordered evacuated as the evening went on. Officials said the evacuation would take place in stages over the next few days. The province reported that 12 communities were under states of emergency.”


“While southern Albertans see nothing but water and trouble today, certain officials in Edmonton and Ottawa will see nothing but money – and more trouble.

Nobody yet has any idea what this dreadful flood will cost in disaster relief; but you can bet it will be many, many times higher than the $17 million “target” in the current provincial budget for 2013-14.”

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“Alberta homeowners who hope to make claims with insurers for flood damage will be out of luck in most cases.

That’s because not all flooding is covered under most insurance policies.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says water that comes in through doors and windows — called “overland flooding” — is not covered.”


Downstream from Calgary, Medicine Hat braced for its own flood crisis

“CALGARY — After watching Calgary and its neighbours struggle to cope with a catastrophic flood that has killed at least three people, communities downstream are bracing for their own crisis.
Water levels are rising in Medicine Hat, while officials with Saskatchewan’s Water Security Agency are preparing for the possibility of an evacuation order for the community of Cumberland House by Monday.
Medicine Hat declared a state of emergency Friday afternoon, saying it was expecting its river to crest tonight. Ten thousand residents in low-lying areas were told they needed to be out of their homes by this morning.”


“Alberta Premier Alison Redford said Medicine Hat, downstream from Calgary, was under a mandatory evacuation order affecting 10,000 residents. The premier warned that communities downstream of Calgary had not yet felt the full force of the floodwater.

A spokesman for Canada’s defense minister said 1,300 soldiers from a base in Edmonton were being deployed to the flood zone.”




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