RULE BRITANNIA 2.0: UK unemployment continues to fall in wake of Brexit; Brexit to be initiated by March at the latest!

UK unemployment in further fall

“UK unemployment fell slightly to 1.62 million in the three months to October, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
It meant the unemployment rate held steady at 4.8% in the period, remaining at an 11-year low.
Average weekly earnings excluding bonuses rose by 2.6% – a slight increase on the previous month.
But economists warned there were signs the labour market had started to “cool off” since the Brexit vote.
In total, there were 31.76 million people in work, which was “slightly down on the record set recently”, said ONS senior statistician David Freeman.
“The labour market appears to have flattened off in recent months,” he said.”

“Cool off”? Wasn’t Brexit supposed to trigger total global economic collapse?


David Davis on Brexit: UK’s plan still being worked on

“The government’s plan for Brexit negotiations will not be published until February at the earliest.
Brexit Secretary David Davis told MPs there was a lot of research and policy work to be done before it was ready.
Mr Davis said he wanted to be “as open as we can be” without undermining the UK’s negotiating position.
The minister also said if no agreement was reached with the EU a transitional Brexit deal could be struck “if it is necessary and only if it is necessary”.
The government has said it will notify the EU of its intention to leave – beginning the two year process of talks on its exit – by the end of March at the latest.
In response to pressure from Labour and some Tory MPs, ministers agreed last week to give more detail of their negotiating aims before starting the exit negotiations.”

Aleppo: West gathering possible war crime evidence

“Western forces are using satellites and unmanned aircraft to gather evidence of possible war crimes in Syria, the UK government has confirmed.
Thousands of civilians remain trapped in Aleppo as fighting continues.
The Foreign Office said no UK government drones were operating over Aleppo, but the Syrian opposition had been trained to collect evidence.
Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood said those committing crimes against humanity may “be held to account”
Former chancellor George Osborne told MPs in an emergency Commons debate on Tuesday that the situation in Aleppo was due to “a vacuum of Western and British leadership”.
Also on Tuesday, the UN said civilians were being killed deliberately by militias supporting President Bashar al-Assad’s government.
The government has said that as well as using aerial surveillance, evidence of alleged atrocities is being collected from open source social media and local testimony from activists on the ground.”

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Wait wait wait, so Britain is asking the terrorist cunts who Assad is fighting…to collect evidence of atrocities committed by Assad’s men?


Populist earthquakes make 2017 the great unknown

“Donald Trump and Brexit: 2016 was a year of populist earthquakes on both sides of the Atlantic, spelling huge uncertainty for upcoming European elections and the direction of US policy.

On June 23 and November 8, barely 20 weeks apart, millions of Britons and Americans rejected the establishment in what Richard Wike of the Pew Research Center interpreted as a surge of anxiety about globalization, immigration and terrorism.

Globalization and immigration have shifted the jobs market and demographics in the West. Many people, even in a country built by immigrants such as the United States, draw a connection between crime and immigration, Wike said.

Across Europe, from the Netherlands to Poland, from Sweden to Italy, comparisons with the 1930s have become an echoing refrain.

There are now a plethora of populist movements seeking to rise up against established urban and political elites, as well as against Brussels, and “return” their countries to the struggling middle classes.

So after Trump takes office on January 20 at the helm of the most powerful democracy on the planet, will 2017 see populists also take power in Europe?”

Sweden is ‘preparing for war’: Officials are ordered to return to Cold War tactics and implement their Total Defence Strategy as fears of Russian invasion grow

Fourth strike piles on Christmas misery: Now BA staff will walk out – along with train, post and Argos workers

“Brexit” enters the Oxford English Dictionary


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