Russia And China Make Another Move That Threatens The Dollar – The Ruble Is Now Backed By Gold And China Continues To Make Deals With Other Countries.

Spain misses deficit target in spite of tax increases. UK mortgages are showing signs of slowing. Employee index dropped, new orders dropped as the Chicago PMI reports. Graduates cannot find full time work after graduation and are now struggling to make ends meet. The US is playing up the troop build up propaganda in Russia. Russia is making economic deals in Crimea to boost the economy. Russia and China are now making another move that threatens the dollar. The Ruble is now backed by gold and China continues to make deals with other countries. The information coming out about Malaysian flight 370 does not fit and the corporate media is steering everyone from the duplicate airplane kept in storage in Israel. Be prepared for a false flag event.


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  • James Woroble Jr

    A gold backed ruble in conjunction with Russia (Putin) demanding rubles from Europe for gas would be a de facto demand for gold for gas. Add this exchange dynamic specifically to Germany for materials and commodities for its industry, and you have Putin with a cattle prod in each hand — one for the testicles and the other for the asshole of each and every leadership member of the European Union and their Rothschild paper money masters.

    Antagonizing and threatening Russia (specifically Putin) is obviously suicidal. So the question begs to be answered, WHY? It is because the entire Western economy is about to finally implode of its own decades long rot and corruption. To have any prospect of holding onto the reigns of power in this event, it is crucial that responsibility be diverted from them to Russia and Putin as the cause.

  • hvaiallverden

    Thats what WE fear.
    They(uSSa) are running out of options, and have very litle rom for other manuverings, from monetary policy to wars they have instigated and cept running for decades.
    Their scams and their ilutions is been exposed and even admitted, but stil the MSM pimps, the drivel about “normality”.
    The fact is, that their intire scam is resting on the shoulders of the rotten pack of prestitutes and runnerBoys.

    Their only option left, is an total and an allout world war.

    The uSSa gov. is increasingly becoming more and more insane and the distance to the rest of the world is becoming aparent to anyone with stil a functional brain.

    But dont forgett their rabies infested and barking mad goverment of Israel, whom is lurking in the shaddows.
    Capable and insane anouf to start anything, incl a WW3.
    Never lett them out of sight.


  • Ben Dover

    Isn’t this just grand. The Ruble backed by gold. Wasn’t the federal reserve note also backed by gold at one time ? Now its just a matter of time when the entire Amirakun financial system collapses.