Russia And North Korea To Launch Ruble Transactions Which Bypasses The Euro/US Dollar

Italy’s jobless rate increased once again, these European countries are not recovering. EU warns Greece that they are very concerned as the tax collector resigns. Layoffs surged to 45% in the month of May. BRICS nations are now making their move to control the reserve currency. North Korea and Russia agree to trade in the ruble and bypass the euro and US dollar. The US and EU might impose sanctions on Russia in all sectors, the Russia officials are now removing their money out of the western banks. US and NATO are now bringing in more military assets into the Black Sea. The US says the Syrian elections are meaningless.


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  • John C. Turmel, B. Eng.

    Jct: Ouch. Yankee banks get no interest on their transactions. And Putin, with the blessed leader of North Korea, (when was the last time a “monster” story painted by the Western media turned to be true, har har har. If the Yellow Press paint him Black, I bet blind that he’s probably White under the tar! Other than feeding his uncle to the dogs, I haven’t heard of too many corpses around North Korea and their kids dancing on stage look pretty well-fed. Plus, of course, the uncle-to-the-dogs story was disproven in only days on the back pages, if at all, of those same smearing papers! But two guys screwing the Black loansharks out of their vig sure get my vote as probably White.

  • Pravda01

    Go Russia – everything which hurts Judea and its allies (JewSA former USA and EU scum) is ok.