Russia Drops Bombshell On Obama: “Don’t Even THINK About Military Action In Syria”

Russia sending warships to the Mediterranean: report

Russia will “over the next few days” be sending an anti-submarine ship and a missile cruiser to the Mediterranean as the West prepares for possible strikes against Syria, the Interfax news agency said on Thursday.

Is it WW3? Russia will not stand for any attack upon Syria without a ww3. Does America have enuf military might to defeat Russia and China in s ww3? Thats what we are about to find out. It is now ww3. America always trumps up some reason to have its wars. As they are doing for ww3?


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  • Fred

    Good, a Russian fist in his face and a Chinese boot up his ass. This is the only language the Obama seems to

    • Dr. Richard Welser

      or, for that matter, that the United States Federal Corporation of the District of Columbia (aka Rothschild Enclave) understands…..

    • Winston

      It’s hard for Mr. Obama to see much other than the Zionist posterior he’s got his nose stuck into. Mr. Cameron seems to have gotten his head stuck in the same area.

  • robertsgt40

    The U.S. players checkers. The Russians play chess.

  • hoyeru

    “enuf”? wow, whatta moron.

  • jarhead1969

    – The Catholic seer, Sister Lucia of Fatima, said in 1990, that Russia will attack America.
    – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961), Italian mystic and stigmatic, warned that ‘Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and attack America with her [secret] armies’ i.e. Obama’s DHS, IRS, FEMA, TSA, FBI, etc.
    – Marie-Julie Jahenny, (1850-1941), mystic and stigmatic, was shown WWI, WWII and WWIII in detail prior to 1900; in her revelations she describes in detail the Russia attack of WWIII against all of Europe where for two years Russia is successful everywhere before the tables are turned.
    – In 1984, a German mystic was asked by then Pope JPII what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: “I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities.

    Many Catholic mystics and saints have warned of WWIII where Russia and China with their allies will launch a surprise massive attack on the West and America. In America they warn of a massive Chinese amphibious landing on the West Coast with over one million men (with help from within our own government – Obama and his marxists), of Russians coming down through Alaska and large numbers of Russian troops and special forces all over America, of Mexico-Brazil-Cuba-Venezuela and other S. American Marxist countries siding with Russia and attacking from and through Florida and the Mexican border. Furthermore these mystics outline or reveal that Russia has been secretly mass producing fighters, bombers, military hardware and weapons, missiles, etc, all in numbers extarordinary and huge in anticipation of the coming war with the West.

    These mystics furthermore reveal that we will be without power, food, gas, stores, all gone for near two years as both a revolution and civil war ensue in America and when all is in turmoil, our enemies (again with help from within) attack from five sides. Over 60-70% of America dies from both the fighting and the starvation that will follow, BUT – we win in the end, we drive foreign enemies into the ocean and all the domestic and internal enemies are completely annihilated, but not before they at first get the upper hand for a short, very short time before the tables are turned.

    To the Italian mystic in 1959, Blessed SIster Elena Aiello, Our Lord told her that at that time the world was worse than before the Great Flood, and that all, ALL the governments of the world were now satanic controlled.

    Suggest on googles and reads: “WW3 Prophecies and VIsions from Central Europe” and then most importantly “JR Nyquist – For Patriots who Think” – for a summary of what Catholic and some Protestant mystics have warned is about to happen.

  • Yeims

    It is good that there is at least one adult in the room

  • eric swan

    So Assad invites chemical weapons inspectors in and on the day of their arrival gasses 100’s of women and children near where the inspectors are staying! If you believe that I have some of Man O Wars horse shit to sell you.

    Then we have Obamanation of desolation telling us that gassing people is really, really evil but using depleted uranium which remains highly toxic for a very long time is OK? Tell the people of Iraq that.

  • ss

    For ages they have used the population of the world to fight their phony wars of profit, are we not tired of this? How easy are we all to accept anything at the blink of an eye and go along with it? It does not bother these parasites if another WW happens, it even serves them right: a world population under 500mil is their goal, I think 99% of all governments top officials are into this “idea” of depopulation, one way or the other. One does not need such a large workforce of slaves to live as kings amongst the ignorant sheeps either: automation & technology enables this more and more each day.