Russia? Russia??? Remember folks, H.R. Clinton and her Gang of Goons have **never** denied the **content** of the emails, and -that- is what they want you to ignore

There is mounting evidence that the Russian government is supplying WikiLeaks with hacked emails pertaining to the US presidential election, US officials familiar with the investigation have told CNN.

As WikiLeaks continues to publish emails belonging to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, US officials told CNN that there is growing evidence that Russia is using the organization as a delivery vehicle for the messages and other stolen information.
The methods of the disclosures “suggest Moscow is at least providing the information or is possibly directly responsible for the leaks,” one US official said.
US intelligence officials are still investigating the degree of connection between Russia and WikiLeaks but they remain confident that Russia is behind the leaks themselves.
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They don’t deny the CONTENT of the emails. Because they can’t.

But apparently Hillary and her Henchmen think that if they keep screaming “RUSSIA!!!” loudly enough, we will focus only on thealleged messenger, and totally ignore the Cult of Criminality that pervades both the current administration and their preferred successors.

They must think the American public is pretty damn stupid.

Well, America, are they right? ARE we that stupid?

Because if we are, we deserve every dirty thing that Clinton and her Masters have planned for us.




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