Russian Health Official: The current epidemic of Ebola may be due to the use of biological weapons

“The ability to use deadly Ebola hemorrhagic fever as a dangerous biological weapon exists.” 

This statement was made by the head of the Department for Infectious Diseases’ Institute for Advanced Studies of the Russian Federal Medical-Biology Agency, Professor Vladimir Nikiforov, during a press conference in MIA “Russia Today” on Friday, August 8th.

On the eve of Thursday, August 7, former Chief Sanitary Doctor Gennady Onishchenko said that he did not exclude the possibility that the current spread of Ebola is caused by someone’s artificial intervention.

Original Source in Russian:




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  • KaK

    The US Government has gone ROGUE !!!

  • Pravda01

    I also do think this outbreak is very, very suspicious.

    • Jean Sha

      everyone does that has any intelligence..something very very strange & bad is happening here ..

  • Nurse Ratchette

    Years ago a Russian scientist defected to the US and wrote a book. In it, he detailed how Russia had already accomplished the weaponization of ebola. The US is not the only country to do this. Rather ironic that the source of this info is Russia itself….

    • Hube

      Book ref please

  • Arizona

    I’VE yet to hear anyone complaining americans spend MILLIONS each year creating deadly viruses,and other deseases,in college labs everywhere in america,NOT a sound,ONLY this one will kill millions of americans ,and it was created right here in america,BY americans TO KILL americans ,now you can’t get more apple pie then that…..

    • sparksnavy

      Arizona–do me and the others a big favor–learn the difference between the words : “then and than” and the words “your and you’re”–I find ignorance abounds between many young people on this internet–although it is not totally their fault–the school system has dumbed down the kids deliberately so –and they know practically nothing re: Spelling, and History!