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Russian Military Warns Of Potential Catastrophic Quake On US West Coast!

Russian Military Warns Of Potential Catastrophic Quake On US West Coast

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An interesting Ministry of Defence (MOD“urgent bulletin” being sent to all Russian naval forces operating in the Pacific Ocean region is warning that there is a “moderate to high” likelihood of a “significant seismic event” ready to occur on the North American Plate, particularly on the Western coastal regions of The United States, Canada or Mexico.

According to this bulletin, Russian military scientists have become increasingly concerned over the past fortnight of the events occurring with the Arctic Oscillation (AO) which has plunged nearly the entire Northern Hemisphere into harsh cold conditions and which Western scientists are blaming on melting sea ice which, they report, hit a record low this past autumn.
“Ministry of Defence (MOD) “urgent bulletin” sent to Russian naval forces in the Pacific Ocean warning a “moderate to high” likelihood of a “significant seismic event” ready to occur on the Western coastal regions of the USA, Canada or Mexico”



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