Spectacular Proton Rocket Crash: Russian Unmanned Rocket Explodes Moments After Launch


edit: Toxic fuel, not nuclear.
edit 2: Now they are saying backup power was RTG NUCLEAR
Edit 3: Now I’m hearing they don’t have RTG backup power.

Possible nuclear fuel leaking. Considering evacuating area.


Anatoly Zak
A Baikonur veteran: Engine cutoff on #Proton is blocked for the first 45 seconds to ensure a safe distance from pad.


Here is some more eye witness video. Anyone speak Russian?

Article in Russian saying satellites were probably not insured.


Russian Unmanned Rocket Explodes Moments After Launch

If Russia was hoping to punctuate its foreign policy victory over the US in hosting Edward Snowden and being on the list of his asylum applicants with the overnight launch of a unmanned Proton-M rocket, carrying some $200 million worth of navigation satellites, those hopes literally went up in flames when 17 seconds into the take off, an emergency switch-off of the engines led to a spectacular explosion, and sent the rocket plummeting to earth. End result: a massive blow up caught on live TV, hundreds of millions in equipment lost and 172 metric tons of highly toxic heptyl propellant raining on the ground for miles around the crash.



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