S.O.S. – Pungesti Romania, People under terror

Locals can not move from their homes being abused by the police, while Chevron si continuing fracking opperations guarded by police.

People of Pungesti Romania are seeking international protection.

They are making an urgent appeal to the scientific community of the world. We are living a terrible tragedy in Pungesti Village of Romania. The Government of Romania betrayed us and Chevron start fracking operations in this village without locals consent. We are asking for independent expertise and help in proving the existing quality of the drinking (underground) water in this village before the drilling operations start. Thank you very much! Please contact us as people of the Pungesti village are desperate and terrible frightened.

For police abuse and people in desperation see:


View http://www.nasul.tv/ for videos and more pictures.

Thank you very much for your help and support!