Salary details of ONE THIRD of Americans shared with credit agency Equifax in ‘biggest privacy breach in our time’

  • Over 190 million employment and salary records of American citizens have been shared by their employers with credit rating agencies
  • This allows anyone signing up to their subsidiary companies to view salary and health insurance details of one-third of adults in the U.S.


It has been revealed that secret salary records of more than one-third of Americans have been shared by their employers with the credit rating agency Equifax.

Described as one of the biggest privacy breaches of the modern age, 190 million employment and salary records have been sold to debt collectors and financial service companies through an Equifax-owned subsidiary called The Work Number.

Originally created as a fast and easy way to check the employment history of new staff, it has been revealed that The Work Number’s database is so detailed it contains week-by-week paycheck information dating back years for tens of millions of people.

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