Sandy-hook: CNN-video of school-storming shows St.Rose-School at 2:56 pm !

Fake CNN-video from 2012-12-14

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shows at 0:06 ( and later at 1:07) allegedly storming of Sandy Hook Elementary School at 9:30 am.
Comparison with Google Earth shows : it was St. Rose pre school IN THE AFTERNOON.
I wondered about the much longer shadows and look at GE show, that sun is shining from south-west !
A simple 3d-simulation with SketchUp shows, that the storming is filmed at about 2:56pm +- 3min (when taken on 12/14 or a day earlier ?)

Screenshots are here:
CNN-video-screenshot at 0:06s:
GoogleEarth-acreenshot of this place :
Screenshot Shadow-simultion :

or a gallery of all 3 pics:

St.Rose Pre School is only 1 mile (SW) from Sandy Hook Elementary, and the Nuns and Pater Weiss (of St. Rose) were immediatly at Sandy Hook on 12/14!



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