Sarkozy first, then the next midget, Hollande and poor France, once so haughty, is now on the economic ropes.

French leaders, are literally terrified of their trade Unions.
Despite the fact that fewer than 10% of the workforce are members.

The “Grand Ministers of the Republique are petrified of the militant, jihadist leaning muslims, which infest French cities.

Yet, the same Ministers and senior “functionaries” continue pretending to be an important voice in the EU they let slip.

French banks, including Societe Generale, Credit Agricole and Paribas are not just flat broke, but disastrously bankrupt. If France tried to prop them up – France would need a bail out.

Ironic when you think that it was French loans to Greece which brought Greece down among the baying packs of dogs which make up the EU.

Trapped into an unavoidable scenario of massive civil unrest and economic destruction, the other disaster which befell France under the diminutive Hollande, was the cancer of Socialism.

Marine le Pen’s Front Nationale is the only Party which offers France a degree of autonomy to heal its economic and social wounds, now bleeding the country dry.

More people agree with le Pen, that France should come out of the cursed euro and return to the once proud French franc – if only Germany will give France permission to do this.

France cannot afford Schengen (no EU country can but France is very vulnerable.)

Already hundreds of thousands of gypsies are on the move from East to West and France is a favoured welfare state.

From the dry wastes of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, the tide of human “opportunity refugees” grows more daring and their numbers will climb to millions.

For decades the EU was a French plaything, now it is a millstone around her neck, held in place by German chains forged by Sarkozy.

Come along Marine le Pen, and take France out of her trouble. Take her people into more honest waters – unafraid to put in place Laws which will repatriate all illegal muslim immigrants.

A stronger France is good for the Nations of Europe. A strong and Independent France, free of the shackles of corrupt EU nonsense.