Schools closing and 2nd teen dies of flu in MN; she had flu shot

A 14 year old teen dies of the flu in MN and this is the 2nd teen to die this season. The 14-year old girl, Carly Christensen, received the flu shot and yet she died from the flu and as the CBS news of the Twin Cities was reporting the story they are still telling people to get the flu shot, “It’s your best protection.”

This year the push for the flu shot has been everywhere like never before. In advertisements, in the news, regular visits to the doctor, at work, in schools, you name it, and guess what, this year is the worst flu outbreak in decades. Coincidence? I believe the flu shot is what is spreading the flu.

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This is really sad to see this flu outbreak claiming young lives. Young lives of people who thought they were getting the flu shot to protect themselves from this!



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