Scientists find extraterrestrial life!

A team of scientists at the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology , University of Sheffield , UK , found a number of microorganisms in the Earth’s stratosphere at an altitude of 27 km, which means they may have extraterrestrial origin .

In the stratosphere – a layer of the atmosphere located between 10-13 km and 50 km – there is a real ecosystem made up of a great diversity of microscopic organisms , but now found by a balloon that was sent by the university ” has a dimension that makes it impossible to origin of Earth at this altitude , “says Milton Wainwright , the scientist who led the discovery .

The only known exception happens ” when these microorganisms are transported by a violent volcanic eruption ” , but none occurred in the three years in which samples were collected in the stratosphere by balloon.

Life constantly reaches Earth

Professor at the University of Sheffield adds that ” in the absence of a mechanism by which particles as they can be transported to the stratosphere , we can only conclude that they are biological entities from space .”

A team of British researchers also concluded that “life is continuously coming to Earth from space , is not restricted to our planet and almost certainly did not originate on Earth .”

Milton Wainwright argues , therefore, that the results of this research can be revolutionary because , ” if life is coming continuously from space, we have to completely change our view of biology and evolution.”

The discovery team led by this researcher was published in the Journal of Cosmology , magazine that ” in the past been accused of publishing theories marginal scientific credibility questionable,” recalls the well-known online newspaper ” Huffington Post” .

In any case, the journal is edited by Rudolf Schild , program director telescopes unsuspecting Center for Astrophysics Harvard – Smithsonian ( USA ) , and its editorial board includes names like Roger Penrose , an astrophysicist at the University of Oxford ( UK ) and a leading expert in the world of cosmology .