Security expert breaches NASDAQ exchange’s website in just 10 minutes using only the Firefox web browser

  • Ilia Kolochenk breached using only the Firefox web browser
  • He claims his warnings to the exchange were ignored
  • This is just the latest in a series of technology-related problems for exchanges

A cybersecurity executive breached the NASDAQ website in only 10 minutes.

By using any combination of browser history, cookies or phishing attacks, hackers can easily take over the exchange’s website, said a security expert who claims hackers can control the site using basic tools.

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Bridge Tech, a Switzerland-based technology security firm, detailed to the New York Daily News how he notified NASDAQ of the vulnerability multiple times only to be ignored.

A good hacker can get full access to in a couple of days with the ability to do almost whatever he wants, such as push an announcement that Facebook shares have dropped 90% [which] could cause havoc on the stock exchange,’ Mr Kolochenko told the Daily News.

Calling it ‘quite frightening,’ Mr Kolochenko boasted to the paper that he was able to hack into in only 10 minutes – armed with only the Firefox web browser.

All it was took was inputting random HTML code into the site’s script to see if it would be detected before displaying on the site, he further explained. Once it wasn’t, the security expert knew he had found a problem.

Hackers can use codes to display just about anything on any website, including ‘a fake Web form demanding credit card numbers and other personal information or to inject malware to infect PC users,’ Mr Kolochenko warned.
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