Senate Bill 510 is a diabolical piece of legislation; It is a stab in the back to our nations small town farmers.

by ImpendingDoom

I have an uncle who farms 3,000 acres — +4,500 if you count double cropping in one year, and Monsanto (the company that makes Round-UP) already has a monopoly on almost all the seed farmers use. In conjunction with Pioneer seed company, DuPont and Monsanto they totally dominate the market.

Almost all Corn and Soybeans are “round-up ready” where you can spray over the newly planted crop with round-up to kill off the weeds w/o hurting yield. I am all for being eco-friendly save the environment but to mass produce “organic” staple crops like wheat, corn, soybeans is not possible. If we did that… the world would starve literally. Just look at Russia they had a bad year and prices are already spiking. It’s hard to lock in contracts with rampant speculators who don’t own seed manipulate the farmers future.

The farmers (small town) already have a hard enough time breaking even on their crops. Paying for the + $2,000,000 in equipment they have, and praying and hoping for good weather. This bill will lead directly to higher food prices reflected in the stores. It will spike commodity’s like pot ash, phosphate, nitrogen and many other fertilizers that farmers use. This bill is basically the last effort of our government to kill off some of America’s TRUE HEROES and true PRODUCERS – our Nation’s farmers.

You know food safety is just totally blown out of proportion. No one acts like they know how to cook anymore or take care of themselves or evaluate what they need to sustain life. This is a power grab by our treasonous government and Corporate America to control everything!

I say, it is time for a REVOLUTION!

Senate Bill 510 May Be the Most Dangerous Bill in the History of the US