Senator blasts IRS over ‘Tea Party’ apology – Whistleblowers forthcoming!

A senior Republican senator condemned the Internal Revenue Service on Saturday for singling out conservative political groups for extra scrutiny, while the IRS described the incident as isolated and not politically motivated.
“When we start letting the IRS impose its will on people and doing it in a partisan, biased way, then we’re exposing our country to some real problems,” Senator Orrin Hatch told Reuters.
The Utah lawmaker spoke a day after an IRS official apologized for the practice, which has embarrassed the tax-collecting agency and could haunt the Obama administration.
I suspect there are some whistleblowers ready to come out and expose this and that’s why (the IRS) came out and apologized … . Whoever did this ought to be exposed,” Hatch said.

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After fast and furious, Benghazi, gun grabbing attempts, ordering us to “reject voices claiming tyranny”, and now this, is there anyone not a welfare recipient who still trusts this guy?

Wonder who the whistleblowers are….

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