Serious Question: Is George Soros One of the Most Evil Men in the World? Here’s Proof!

It is being reported that George Soros has bought a controlling interest in two major coal companies whose stock prices have crashed right after BO announced he was shutting down the coal industry by regulating them to death.

Here is a quote from a confused libtard:

“I find it very interesting that George Soros would buy shares in those coal companies,” said Daniel Simmons, vice president for Policy at the Washington DC-based free market energy group, Institute for Energy Research. “I am confused given the non profits he funds and how hard they have worked to demonize coal.”

Hmmm. So Soros spends years helping BO destroy the US coal industry and now that the companies have crashed, wants to buy them back at pennies on the dollar? Wait just a minute: But isn’t coal a horrible industry that is killing the planet? Why would he ever want to be associated with an industry that he has spent a decade demonizing?

For those of you that have little idea of the past life of Soros here is a brief synopsis and link to the horror that George Soros’ birth has reigned on the planet.

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This is a brief except of the history of Jewish Nazi collaborator György Schwartz (now known as George Soros) below. In short, in 1930’s Poland he was the teenager you feared more and the devil.

Soros worked with the Nazi’s in rounding up over 500,000 Polish Jews and sent them to the gas chambers after their unspeakable torture. These Jews were often his former friends and family, many from his home town. Some even raised him as a child. To make matters worse, he worked a deal with the Nazi’s to profit from each Jew he brought into the concentration camps. Soros has repeatedly called this time of his teenage life as “the happiest time of my life” (the video link to him saying this has been removed from You Tube after legal action from Soros)

He became a billionaire primarily by being allowed to (somehow) sell short small nation currencies and then crash them through illegal means in order to become fabulously wealthy. He gives some money back to the libtards but don’t think he is anything other than the devil incarnate. All the money he gives is to get back even more money.


Imagine the true story of Soros. The horrible stuff we know about reportedly has been sanitized, even though what we know is so terrible. Some have testified that Soros turned in his best friends and family members that were hiding from the Nazis and HE WAS PAID FOR TURNING THEM IN!!!!!





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