Seven Situations to Watch in the Pacific Currency War

by Dan Denning, Daily

It’s now one year to the day since the end of our first-ever investment conference at Sydney’sIntercontinental Hotel last year. The great economic power struggle that was discussed at the ‘After America’ conference is raging even more intensely this year.

Big political and economic moves have been made by all the key players – Australia, China, America, Japan, and both Koreas. In this short update, I’ll review the five most significant changes investors must reckon with as they’re caught in the cross-fire of this Pacific power struggle.

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The topics raised and questions debated over those two days last year – China’s political power transition, the fate of Australia’s commodities boom, and the ultimate fate of the American dollar in thecurrency war – are still as urgent to investors today as they were a year ago. I went back and viewed some of the presentations recorded on DVD during the week. Here is a quick summary of the key-note presentations and their key ideas:

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