SHOCK: 11 Trillion Is The Real Deficit For Fiscal Year 2012. I’m Not Talking About The 16 Trillion Dollar National Debt Here.

I say official because as we know the government can’t provide anything that is official, and we all now are dependent on intelligent people who can do 4th grade level math to actually figure out what the real deficits are.

222 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities.

over a million dollars per working tax payer.

This number doesn’t take into account the

derivatives bubble

“How 9 Banks Are Exposed To $200 Trillion Worth Of Derivatives”

so let’s do a little math.

Derivatives 200 trillion, plus unfunded liabilities 222 trillion

422 trillion dollars!


The Fed is now responsible for 25% of the United States GDP.

This wouldn’t surprise me at all considering that we all found out that they had lent spent or borrowed over 16 trillion between the years of 2008-2010

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This in an economy that is 72% based off of consumption, with no one employed in order to consume.

Trade deficits as far as the eye can see.

Military spending that accounts for 42% of the entire worlds military.

And a dollar that just got dumped in November by about half the worlds population during the Asian trade agreement which we were told we could not be a part of.

Dollar sell off within 4 months.

So how do you keep a collapsing system together

You allow your largest banks to launder their money through the drug cartels in Mexico like HSBC, then you refuse to prosecute.

You allow individuals like John Corzine to steal 1.5 billion in client funds the largest heist of “evaporated” funds in history, and not one single person goes to jail.

You allow JP Morgan to manipulate the silver market.

You buy your own treasuries

Buy your own mortgage backed securities.

You print, and pretend.

The emperor has no clothes.

Did everyone know that whenever Zimbabwe’s economy collapsed they had the fastest growing stock market in the world!

What is down 14,000 if it’s paid out in collapsing dollars?




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