SHOCK: 15-yr-old gets up to 6 years for 7-cent robbery.

2011-08-29-db-Stewart1.JPGDick Blume / The Post-StandardAnthony Stewart received two to six years in juvenile detention for a robbery that netted him and an accomplice seven cents.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A 15-year-old Syracuse boy will spend the next two to six years in juvenile detention and the rest of his life as a felon as a result of his sentencing today for a robbery that netted him and an accomplice seven cents.

Onondaga County Judge William Walsh rejected a defense lawyer’s request to treat Anthony Stewart, of West Onondaga Street, as a youthful offender. That means his felony conviction will remain on his permanent record.

Walsh said he might have ruled differently if Stewart had pleaded guilty, as did his accomplice, Skyler Ninham, 16. Earlier this month Walsh sentenced Ninham as a youthful offender to one and one-third to four years in state prison. Stewart, who is not old enough for prison, will be sent to a juvenile detention facility.

Both Ninham and the 73-year-old robbery victim identified Stewart as a participant in the crime, Walsh said. “And yet you still denied it,” Walsh said to Stewart. “Well, that cost you.”

Stewart was convicted by a jury of first-degree robbery in July, two days before Ninham pleaded guilty. According to prosecutors, Stewart and Ninham ran up behind the victim Dec. 22 and knocked him to the ground. Ninham kicked the victim and Stewart punched him in the face, breaking his glasses, before the victim handed over the seven cents in his pocket, prosecutors said. The two teens had handguns, which Stewart later said were BB guns, prosecutors said.

Lawyer Laurin Haddad, who represented Stewart, said afterward that she was disappointed by the judge’s decision to deny youthful-offender treatment. In a presentencing report, a probation officer also recommended treating Stewart as a youthful offender.

“For seven cents, now you’re making someone a felon for the rest of his life,” she said.

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  • Anonymous

    more of what this crazy country calls justice so sad!

  • Antonio

    It”s not about the 7 cents. It’s justice for what could have happened to the 73 year old they robbed. Good for the judge!!! If they needed cash, the kids should have mowed a yard or something. Keep people that do stupid things like that off the street. It makes us all safer. I hope he gets all six years.

  • FederalPoundMeInTheAzzPrision

    “For seven cents, now you’re making someone a felon for the rest of his life,”

    No. He is a felon for life because he assaulted someone with a gun and stole from them. Hope it was worth it.

  • william ashbless

    “For seven cents, now you are making someone a felon for the rest of his life.” -Attorney Haddad.
    No. He is a felon for life because he used a weapon and inflicted injury upon a 73 year old man while robbing him.
    Her client had a chance to lessen that penalty if he would have accepted responsiblity for his actions. He chose not to.

  • anonymous

    I agree justice should be served for what those boys done to that older man,but the fact of the matter is that one boy says guilty and gets off easier because of this is not justice. Shouldn’t both boys get the same punishment? They both were there and commited the same crime, so why is one punished more severe just because he didn’t plead guilty is not making a good example on the courts part. I beleive this for I am a a student for corrections. This severe punishment to one boy and not the other for the same crime at the same time and in the same place should serve the same time and punished equally.


    I think what sentencing was set is ok. What if this was your relative or if the fact fit you? The kids committed a crime. Also think of the bodily harm done to this person. I am glad they were caught. Be aware this could happen to any one at any time.

  •!/NonchalantS Nonchalant Savant

    This headline is equally shocking, because it also denies the facts of the case at first glance.

    If the headline had stated: “15-yr-old gets up to 6 years for violent criminal assault,” no one would have batted an eye.

    One has to look at the intent of the criminal. His intent was to rob the elderly gentleman of every cent he had.
    In essence, headline basically blames the victim for not carrying enough cash to make the robbery worthwhile!!
    At what amount does the conviction no longer become “shocking?” $5? 100$ $500?

    There’s obviously a number – but I guarantee the writer of this story would NEVER admit it.

  • Bruce

    It’s not the 7 cents….if the old man had 700 dollars instead of 7 cents would that have made the difference.
    This 15 year old had the opportunity to fess up and admit what witnesses saw him do including his own partner in crime yet he still denied it. I think 6 years is about right.

  • Roger

    This young man is a felon for life because he has proved at an early age that he is a danger to society, and when caught, has no remorse, and has clearly been taught to lie at all cost. In this case the cost was $.07 I hope every youth in america learns from this incident. What if they would have broken bones while knocking this elderly man down? kicking him, punching him in the face? 6 years fits the crime.

  • Joshua


  • Crochette

    Do the CRIME, pay the TIME. At 15 years of age he knows better but did the crime anyway. Time the judges got tough with criminals. Lawyer wrong in not getting the young man to plead guilty of a violent crime against another human being. A crime equals time in jail end of conversation.

  • http://yahoo anne

    at least he won’t be attacking other elderly people for a little while good job to the Judge

  • http://yahoo peter

    Beat an old man for 7 cents is what the headline should read. Punched and kicked a 73 year old. These punks need to be removed from polite society

  • Scott

    It’s an absolute disgrace in what is supposed to be a civilized society that so many people are upset over what happened to this punk. He had an absolutely worthless attorney who was ignorant enough to let him plead guilty. In addition, this “lawyer” is upset that he got jail time for robbing 7 cents. This punk got 6 years and a felony conviction because he knocked a 73 year old man to the ground and punched him in the face. And regardless of the nature of the weapon, it WAS a gun. Sorry but in any rational part of the world that’s armed robbery. He got what he deserved and his lawyer was a complete fool. Anyone thinking otherwise, or thinking it’s “shocking” or thinking this is unfair is a fool as well. The only thing shocking here is the cultural softness of anyone trying to downplay this punks crime.

  • robertthehorse

    what do you mean shocker ? the punk robbed an elderly person – the elderly person had only 7 cents – the punk should be charged as an adult – he gets what he deserves – these greedy people think they are owed everything – what ever happened to just getting a job and earning your own keep – our kids do it – now its to the point of everyone thinking they are owed everthing by everyone else – well when the free handouts run out – and in no way are they ever free to begin with – they come out of everyones pocket – eventually the hand that feeds will be cut off – if our taxes keep paying for people that we cant trust – then why feed and house people that would assume to rob you – they dont deserve any benifits if thats the way it is and thats the way it is – any race – any color so this applys to all

  • Penny

    I hope he serves every last day of the sentence. The issue isn’t that he stole 7 cents. The issue is that he mercilessly beat an elderly man and stole from him. How sad that the writer of this article sympathizes with a brutal theif rather than his elderly victim.

  • Kevin

    This is a case of bleeding hearts in the media doing the same thing his lawyer did, try to keep the focus on the monetary side, hoping people will look at it like he pocketed a piece of dime store candy and ignore the fact this kid committed armed robbery and assault. Just a shame he didn’t do this in Florida where the 10-20-Life law applies to this type of crime. Commit a felony with a firearm (yes BB and pellet guns are in fact by definition firearms) and you serve 10 years, discharge that firearm during the crime and it becomes 20 years, and if someone is shot during that crime, no matter who does the shooting and whether or not the live or die, life in prison. Under those minimum guidelines both punks would be serving 10 years for their crime armed robbery and assault & battery.

  • scrapadapolis

    I live in Syracuse and these thugs are gettin younger,Any hot day here open the paper and you can bet someone was shot or stabbed!Don’t believe me go to Would it be different if it was 50.00 or .7 a crime was commited even with a bb gun.It’s thugs like this that make us hate you..

  • Enrique

    More than likely he will probably get two years in juvi and with good behavior will get out in less then a year hmmm

  • antonio

    It NOT about the 7 cents. The boys did not know how much the 73 yr old man had at the time of the robbery. If the man had 7 hundred or 7 thousand, the boys would have taken it all the same, its not about the amount but the intention of the 2 boys, they intended to rob someone, and in the process, assaulted someone and brandished weapons that were intended to look like real guns. This is not a crime about 7 cents, it was a robbery that was attempted for real game. Not the 7 cents they stole, and to make matters worst, they comitted purgery by lying in court. The sentence is correct!. Although seemingly harsh,
    it will teach the boys a lesson in life, lets keep in mind that if these kids were real adults and it were not 7 cents, they may have been looking at more yrs. And, theyre actions are/were a gateway crime to higher crimes. JUSTICE IS SERVED! Good luck in the State Pen.

  • John T Honea

    Great judge, stupid lawyer(but that is redundant). Lawyer will be sued by punk’s family for malpractice and get thousands. It’s wrong but it will most likely happen. Lawyer could be playing this to get exactly what the judge ordered so he could take the avenue of ” bad legal system not affording criminal better legal council and get the punk released because of the lawyers stupidity.” I am disgusted with the justice system. This is one bright shining light for true justice, though. Judge did the absolute right thing and the reporter who wrote this is an idiot for not writing the pure facts.

  • Elizabeth

    Another misleading headline. This punk didn’t get jail time for a seven cents robbery; he attacked, assaulted and beat an elderly man. He and his accomplice also menaced the man with guns; they were BB guns but do you think a terrified elderly victim knew that at the time of the assault? Anthony Stuart only stole seven cents because that’s all money this senior citizen had on him. If this defenseless victim had more, this coward would’ve gotten more.. Nice going judge. Let the hand wringing and excuse making begin.

  • Jon

    This kid is 15, Whether he committed an armed robbery, or beat the living hell out of the old man, HE IS A CHILD STILL. Not saying what he did should be thrown out the window but 6 years… COME ON, that is overkill for this boy. He’ll be out when hes 21 and will be a stone cold convict. Unfortunately once that is done, he will no longer be an average joe, but he will be a certified convict and spend the rest of his life devoted to crime, cause that will be all he knows. Really sad, give him the same punishment as the boy that plead guilty, Your ruining his life Judge. Just my 7 cents people.. peace.

  • mphsglo

    Hopefully, this will make then think about their actions. They’ll both probably be out within the year on probation. I hope this is the end of their crime life.

  • http://yahoo Geoff

    Thank Goodness for this judge. This punk ruined his own life by attacking an elderly man for seven cents. I hope this “big time gangsta” serves every day.