SHOCK: Are Death Squads KILLING Prominent Bankers?


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  • Glenn McBride

    To find the “hit squads”, we need to look no further than law enforcement. Every police department in this nation, no matter how small, maintains a stable of informants that are above the law, and act on the whim of anyone with a badge and the desire to settle a score. A prime example of this phenomenon of police death squads is the stabbing of Stephen Murzin by David J. Taylor, a convicted felon and paid informant on the leash of the Connecticut State Police. The “crime” Steven Murzin committed that warranted his execution was filing a complaint against a local police department. Mr. Murzin was stabbed 13 times by Taylor, then arrested in the hospital for “disturbing the peace” by the same police that took out the “hit”. Of course, Taylor the police informant walked free, with the blessing of the police, prosecutor, and judge. So if anyone wonders who could possibly murder so bankers and get away with it without getting caught, the answer is right in front of you. The invading, occupying army wearing the blue uniforms.

  • George Beerwood

    I hope Jamie Dimon and Loyd the kike Blankstein are on the list.

  • farang

    There appears to be two paths of speculation.

    1. As I stated a month ago: Jamie Dimon, Blankfien, and the rest of the banksters have a “Big Paul” Costellano problem: they had forgotten they are gangsters.

    Seems “someone” they have cheated (Drug lords they launder money for????) is “reminding them” of it now.


    2. They squealed on top management, “dropped a dime” on the wrong people, and got dropped off balconies to remind others to keep traps shut.

    Votes on options above, please, or please offer your own theory.