SHOCK: Brains Of 40 Dead Children Removed, Kept In Jars In UK Hospitals

Brains Of 40 Dead Children Removed, Kept In Jars In UK Hospitals :

By The Sun

WIMBORNE, England – British mothers upset that their dead children’s brains were secretly removed and kept in jars said police are probing 40 cases in just one English county.

Horrified Lisa Burton, 40 — whose daughter Zoe was three when she died from epilepsy 15 years ago — said police visited her to break the news.

“They said there were 40 people affected — and that’s just locally. No one seems to be able to answer any questions, and I’m very angry,” according to Burton, from Wimborne in the county of Dorset, southwestern England.

Distraught Julie Middleton, 40, of Poole, Dorset, said cops gave her the same figure.

She learned that the brain of her six-week-old son Regan was still in a jar at Southampton General Hospital 12 years after his death.

The “missing parts” scandal was exposed by The Sun, which highlighted seven cases amid a nationwide probe.

Permission to keep the organs was not needed at the time they were stored by the hospitals, but the law changed in 2006. A report in March will uncover a figure for the UK.

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