SHOCK: Church of England Finally GIVES IN To Gay Marriage!

Church of England gives up fight against gay marriage

In a short statement, the established Church said that the scale of the majorities in both the Commons and Lords made clear that it is the will of Parliament that same sex couples “should” be allowed to marry.

The Bishop of Leicester, who leads the bishops in the House of Lords, said they would now concentrate their efforts on “improving” rather than halting an historic redefinition of marriage.

Church of England: Bishops won’t oppose same-sex marriage

The Church of England will no longer stand in the way of same-sex marriage legislation, but will rather put its efforts toward improving it, a top bishop said on Wednesday.

The Right Rev. Tim Stevens — who’s the bishop of Leicester and the convener of the Lords Spiritual in the House of Lords — put out the new policy one day after the parliament’s upper house shot down an amendment to kill a gay marriage bill, United Press International reported.

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Would gay marriage violate Queen Elizabeth’s vows to the Church of England?

In the United States, we think of church and state as two separate entities, sometimes controversially intertwined. But in Great Britain, a different framework unites church with state in the person of Queen Elizabeth.

This week, Elizabeth and the royal family observe the 60th anniversary of her coronation, commemorating her vows to serve as both head of state and “Supreme Governor of the Church of England.”

Catholic Church’s Influence On Gay Marriage Waning

In early May, Rhode Island became the sixth and final New England state to allow gay couples to marry. The Democratic-dominated Legislature, led by an openly gay House speaker, overcame years of successful lobbying by the Catholic Church.

“They put the fear of God into people,” Ferri said, claiming that “the influence of the church” had been the primary stumbling block as every other neighboring state, and many people across the country, started embracing gay marriage.


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