SHOCK: Turkish JET Shot Down by Russian Warship ADMIRAL CHABENENKO… PROOF…

Leader of Turkish Party DSP announced “Turkish Jet shot down by Russian Warship Admiral Chabenenko .We have proofs.”

Tan’s guest on tv8 Erkan, Turker, “At the moment the Russian war Laskiye port 2 shipand there is a frigate, “he explained, adding:” The fly, when they saw one of them, even the hardware that detects both the radar and missile precision.Çapanenkoshipcan enter an event at the slightest step in immediately.Moment that the first event to occur, when you look at the politics of separating the internal politics of Syria ‘sorry’ he said.Sorry der has made another person. “

 “Our aircraft hit the ship: Admiral Çapanenko!”

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Turker, “Admiral Çapanenko our aircraft hit the ship. Because of this the most advanced ships,” he said, and suggested that State Department and intelligence services knew it. Turker with an interesting claim regarding the search and rescue efforts, “Why do they not participate in search and rescue efforts? Plane while there is a need for them. An aircraft cockpit, boiled,” he said.


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