Shocking, Powerful & Heart Breaking Testimony From US Soldiers – Returning Veterans – VIDEO !!

The following Testimony Compilation is from Soldiers who have been in the wars in the middle East and therefore their accounts obviously are more credible that the propaganda we are subjected to by the Pentagon controlled jewstream media.

Here’s an interesting video that mentions…95% of all suicide bombings are the result of foreign occupation.

At 2:18 mark… Not one suicide attack in the entire country of Afghanistan before the US attacked the Taliban in 2001. Zilch, zero, IE..NOT ONE.

What REALLY Makes Someone Become a Terrorist – The SHOCKING TRUTH


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  • dogma

    Actually, you are wrong. Northern Alliance Commander Ahmed Shah was killed by a fake news crew on 9 September 2001. a few days before the world trade center..
    simple google search shows that..
    also, there were no suicide attacks until the US got there is because the foreigners who did come to Afghanistan were there for training, the core leadership of the global AQ..these are not the ones who kill themselves, the taliban who controlled the government, tolerated AQ due to the hard line beliefs in inslam like the taliban…it would have been like baptists blowing up catholics.. makes no sense.

    • D-Man

      Sounds like flagrant hair-splitting to me.

  • Noneya

    BS…Afghanistan has been a cluster for centuries.

    • D-Man

      U misinformed, bro?

  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    The simple truth is, wars are nothing more than business ventures that are created and operated by the members of the New World Order. Like any other business, it’s primary goal is consolidating power and generating profit for the entities involved. However, unlike other companies, the profits from war are earned through the deliberate spilling of the blood of the common man and his offspring. We are all just chess pieces being moved around in a huge, evil game, that is played by the tiny group of elites at the top of the pyramid.