Shocking Things the Media Should Report – But Won’t

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America is using ISIS in three ways: to attack its enemies in the Middle East, to serve as a pretext for U.S. military intervention abroad, and at home to foment a manufactured domestic threat, used to justify the unprecedented expansion of invasive domestic surveillance.

By rapidly increasing both government secrecy and surveillance, the U.S. government is increasing its power to watch its citizens, while diminishing its citizens’ power to watch their government. Terrorism is an excuse to justify mass surveillance, in preparation for mass revolt.

While the media tells you not to fear, “Government officials are working hard to quell the threats,” you can be sure that it is specifically THAT government that is working hard to bring you to the point of absolute peril in order to secure the lopsided balance of power in favor of funneling more funds (the product of YOUR laboring energies) to the banksters!

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In 1997, a U.S. Department of Defense report stated, “the data show a strong correlation between U.S. involvement abroad and an increase in terrorist attacks against the U.S.” Truth is, the only way America can win the “War On Terror” is if it stops giving terrorists the motivation and the resources to attack America. Terrorism is the symptom; American imperialism in the Middle East is the cancer. Put simply, the War on Terror is terrorism; only, it is conducted on a much larger scale by people with jets and missiles.
The war on terror is orchestrated from abroad by NATO. People need to understand that there is a war that is becoming global and being waged against civilian populations. It’s a form of Neo Imperialism and Neo Colonialism. It aims to divide and conquer European and Middle Eastern and African and the world’s population, for that matter, and to make them submit to a Global Order that does not serve the interests of most of the people on this planet, but DOES serve the interests of very few ruling elites.
There is NO war on terror. There IS a war being waged using terrorist proxy groups and they are being used against nation states who are resisting U.S. and Israeli hegemony. They are also being used as a means of disciplining the work forces in Europe in a period of mass unemployment and austerity.
You now have terrorist attacks being committed by terrorists who are funded and trained by Western Intelligence Agencies. There is ONLY such a thing as ISIS because ISIS is a creation of the United States. We know that from official declassified military sources and from the Defense intelligence agency who have confirmed that.
And now we have the French Government attempting to drum up support for more military intervention in Syria because they want to get in on the game. The game is almost lost. The Russians have routed much of the Islamic state. You now have Islamic State militants coming into Europe disguised as refugees – that will destabilize central Europe and the French want to get in on that action and prop up those so-called “moderate rebels.”
Of course, there are no “moderate rebels” in Syria. There are however, al qaeda and ISIS militants – terrorists who are beheading people and creating chaos and genocide across the region – this serves no one other than Western Corporate Elites and their geopolitical interests.
Here’s a link to the declassified Pentagon report that I referenced:…/secret-pentagon-report-reveals-u…

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