Shutdown Ending this Weekend for 400,000 Department of Defense Workers?

Half of the furloughed 800k federal workers work for the Department of Defense.

Secretary of Defense Hagel has been told that the emergency measure which provided for active duty military personnel to be paid during shutdown could be broadly construed to cover almost all DOD employees.

Looks like he agrees

“I received reports that indicated the Department of Defense may be releasing a plan as early as this weekend to end furloughs for the majority of the civilian defense workforce,” said Rep. Doug Lamborn, a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

“Congress fully intended for all of our civilian defense workers to be treated the same as our active duty military members,” the Colorado Republican said in a statement. “All are vital to our national defense and need to be on the job protecting the nation.”

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Pentagon finalizing plans to bring furloughed civilian employees back to work by Monday: reports

The Pentagon could announce as soon as this weekend a plan to bring 400,000 furloughed civilian employees back to work as soon as Monday, according to CNN.

Quoting two unnamed Department of Defense officials, CNN said the plan to allow workers to return to their jobs is in the final stages of being written and approved.

The plan comes on the heels of the passage of the Pay our Military Act, which ensures uniformed personnel, as well as those that support the armed forces, can remain on the job with pay. Lawmakers are urging a broader interpretation of that law to allow DOD workers – which represent about half of all federal workers home without a pay during the shutdown – to return to the job.

Here’s CNN report –

Pentagon finalizing plan to bring back furloughed civilian workers

The Pentagon may announce as soon as this weekend a plan to bring up to 400,000 furloughed civilian employees back to work, according to two Defense Department officials.

CNN has learned the plan is in the final stages of being written and approved.

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If all are returned to work, it would represent about half the number of government civilian and contract employees at risk of furloughs during the government shutdown that began on Tuesday.

Could a Brief, Hastily Written Law Put DOD workers back on the job?

Late Monday night, just hours before the deadline to pass a spending bill and avert a government shutdown, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Pay Our Military Act to make sure the nation’s troops would get paid. The bill also ordered exempt civilian employees – those deemed essential to supporting the troops and national security – to continue to get paid.

But the legislation was so hastily written and extremely brief that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is trying to find a ‘solid, legal interpretation’ of the law to try to get some of the 400,000 civilian Defense workers who’ve been furloughed during the shutdown back on the job.

Hmm… Large defense contractors are now starting to furlough on Monday too!

Lockheed Martin 3,000

Sikorsky 2,000

United Technologies 2,000


They say if the shutdown goes longer than this month, they’ll make deeper cuts!

here’s why DOD employees may be going back to work

Pentagon Contract Winners Go Unannounced as Shutdown Lingers

The Pentagon may have awarded millions or billions of dollars in contracts since the U.S. government partially closed Oct. 1.
Who knows?

The exact amount will remain a mystery for now, because the military said this week it has stopped publicly announcing contract awards. And the Defense Department won’t resume until the shutdown ends.



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