Side Stepping the Collapse: House Republicans vote to SUSPEND DEBT LIMIT until May 19th!!

from Daily Kos:


So the House Republican capitulation on the debt limit is now complete, with 200 Republicans joining with 85 Democrats voting to suspend the debt limit until May 19.

Most Democrats opposed the measure, but their opposition had nothing to do with the debt limit. Instead, they opposed the bill because it contains an unconstitutional provision that would delay salaries for members of the Senate and House if their chamber does not produce a budget by April 15. As stupid as the provision is, however, it won’t have any practical impact on the budget process—budget resolutions are already required under current law. Nonetheless, the legislation could not have passed without Democratic support as 32 Republicans voted against it.

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But while Republicans intended to score political points with their base with their “No Budget, No Pay” gimmick, they may have inadvertently exposed themselves by inserting the budget process into the debt ceiling vote. That’s because their move allowed Democrats to offer an amendment to the legislation insisting that the House Budget protect senior citizens, veterans, and the active duty military from benefit cuts—and as you might have guessed, Republicans overwhelmingly rejected the amendment. In the end, just one Republican sided with 160150 Democrats who voted to oppose the cuts.

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