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Hubert Moolman


Friday, May 11th
Here are a few patterns that might explain the current state of the silver price, as well as, provide the possible way forward.

Below is a graphic which compares the current pattern on silver (from about the beginning of 2011 to present) to a 2007 pattern:

On both charts, I have suggested how the patterns might be similar, by marking similar points, from 1 to 6 (and alternatively from a to f). Based on this comparison, it appears that the silver price is searching for that point 6 (or point f). Previously, about more than 6 weeks ago (after the middle of March), I thought that point 6 (or point f) was already in, or close to being in.

This was my assumption, based on timing: On the 2007 pattern, you can see that from point d to point f was about 10 days, and that this was the same for point f to point h on the same pattern. When applying this to the current pattern, it was expected that point h would be in about 14 weeks after point f (about middle to end March) – similar to the 14 weeks from point 2 to point 4.

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This was a reasonable expectation since the market often behaves in such a manner. However, it was the wrong expectation. It appears that the market has extended that cycle (which is not unusual); however, it appears that the bullish expectation is still very much justified. We would need a turnaround very soon though, to continue the mega bullish expectation. If we do not get the turnaround very soon, then price could go even lower than $26 (unlikely).

In my latest Gold Update, explained why I think this week might bring the bottom for gold. My analysis for silver also suggests that we could see a bottom for silver this week (for the latest next week).

I believe that it is very likely that we will get that massive rally soon.

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